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If you want to think that you getting receive an important call from your lovely bhabhi ?
Bhabhi Fake Caller helps you to select a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. You can also select time for calling for receive incoming fake call.
Bhabhi Fake Call allow you to make a fake incoming call from a virtual bhabhi to avoid awkward situations like Meetings, Party, Decisions, Fake Call Bahbhi app
is really very helpful app. You can also pretend in front of your friends that you bhabhi is calling you. This app is just for fun, joke, and make fool your friends and family members.
Bhabhi Fake Call Prank App Feature ::
- Select your bhabhi photo from camera or gallery and set it for fake caller id.
- Enter your desire bhabhi name and VIP contact number.
- Choose your fake call timer like 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec etc. After you choose time, fake call screen will appear to your phone.
- Tell your friends that you receive important call from your lovely bhabhi and you have to go for that.
- High quality of Custom HD class designs.
- Clear name & numbers easy to be read
- Smooth interface to deal friendly.
- It is compatible with almost android device so to install on Smartphone and tablets
- It is totally free, it doesn't required internet connection.
Bhabhi Fake Call Prank is Prank app and it’s made just for entertainment purpose. Fool your friends and enjoy.
If you have any query regarding this Bhabhi Fake Call Prank app, then contact us. If you like this Bhabhi Fake Call Prank app then share with your friends and family.


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  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 35%
  • Delhi 12%
  • West Bengal 11%
  • Haryana 8%
  • Tamil Nadu 7%
  • Karnataka 5%
  • Uttar Pradesh 5%
  • Andhra Pradesh 4%
  • Rajasthan 3%
  • other 11%

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