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Notes Lock
is a comprehensive app that password-protects your secret notes.
You can write notes in different font styles and sizes. The app also allows you to add voice recordings and photos to your notes in conjunction. Moreover, you can set up reminder alerts for your secured notes. The app has a built in calendar view, which enables you to view and manage your notes. Finally, with the option to backup your notes on the Dropbox thus, you will never have to be concerned about losing your important notes.
• Personalized notes
• Voice recorder and built-in player
• Import from camera gallery
• Reminder alert
• Calendar view of notes
• Dropbox storage
• Secure user-interface
-- NOTES--
• Create personalized notes
• Text notes with voice recordings and photos
• Personalized color notes
• Different font sizes and styles
• Copy/Paste/Languages, and everything else you expect from a great text editor
• Calendar view to check and review notes by date
• Sort by creation date, modified date or alphabetically
• View notes by list, grid or detail.
• Search desired secured notes with instant search
• Change note color
• Set reminders on your notes and to-do-list
The app notifies you even if it is closed
• High quality audio recordings
• Recordings are built into your written notes
• Record & take notes at the same time
• Pause and continue your recording session
• Playback recordings while typing
-- PHOTOS --
• Photo attachment: add and drag your photos
• Capture from the camera or choose from the gallery
• Photos can be attached to your written notes
• Take photos while recording/typing
• Three security Credentials (Password, PIN & Pattern)
• Panic Switch (immediately switch to decoy app)
• Brute force attack prevention
• Takes images of unauthorized users
• Decoy Mode (Fake Login)
• Hacker Deterrents
• Recovery of credentials
• Attach note to email
• Dropbox storage support
Note: Notes Lock guarantees you that all your files are stored only on your phone and on your cloud account and we do not have access to any of your content.
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  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 32%
  • Tamil Nadu 15%
  • West Bengal 11%
  • Delhi 9%
  • Andhra Pradesh 8%
  • other 25%

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