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PrimPong is a simple court sport simulation that is modelled on squash and tennis. There are two game options, first a One-Player -Mode and second a Two-Player-Mode. The Two-Player-Mode is already playable on bigger smartphones (4.5in/5in) but it is recommended to use a tablet to play this mode.
The racket is controlled by a slider-button. With this button players are able to influence direction and velocity of the ball. The direction of the ball is determined by orientation respectively by movement trend of the racket. Is the racket moving to the right at the time the ball hits him then also the ball will be moving to the right by trend, if the movement of the racket is to the left then the direction of the ball will be to the left by trend. You have to notice this particularly, because it is possible to strike the ball out of bounds on the sides. The velocity of the ball is shown on the screen by a speed indicator and the velocity that the ball gets, if you strike him back on the court, is determined by the movement speed of the racket. As faster the slider-button is moved in one direction at the time the ball hits him, as faster the ball is returned.
At the One-Player-Mode the ball is struck against the match wall. Aim of the match it is to hold the ball on the court as long as possible. Every touch of ball on the match wall produces points. Generally you get one point if the ball hits the match wall, but if you were able to strike the ball on the match wall with maximum speed you activate the multiplicator.
At the first activation of the multiplicator the player gets two points instead of one when the ball hits the match wall. If you succeed to sustain the multiplicator by striking the ball further on with maximum speed on the match wall, the players point count increases for the respective hit by another point. But is the multiplicator series broken
then the multiplicator is reset and the player gets for his next hit on the match wall again only one point.
The velocity of the ball by returning from the match wall is generated by chance. This velocity is shown above the players point counter (the ball velocity of the player is shown in One-Player-Mode below the players point counter). Is the velocity of the ball after returning from the match in the upper third of the balls maximum speed, the player gets the opportunity to activate the Reflex-Mode.
This mode is activated if the player is able to return the ball in spite of his high velocity. Then the flash displays next to the point counter shine red.
The Reflex-Mode rewards the player for his excellent reactivity. Is the Reflex-Mode activated and is the ball again returned from the match wall with a higher velocity then the speed of the ball is reduced to the minimum as reward for the players previous reactivity.
The Two-Player-Mode is a simple tennis simulation. As already mentioned, this mode is playable on bigger smartphones (4.5in/5in) but it is recommended to use a tablet on a non-slippery surface.
At the Two-Player-Mode as well as at One-Player-Mode every player has three balls.
Aim of this mode it is to achieve points by striking these balls and the balls of the opponent out of bounds on the opposite side of the net. Service always changes to that player who lost one point. The match is over, if one of both players has no further ball left.


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Email: michael.romio@gmx.de

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