US Survival Combat Strike Mission
US Survival Combat Strike Mission

War Of Trend | Action

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Ultimate FPS shooter is a first-person action game 2018.As an action shooting in this sniper real FPS shooting is an amazing and interesting game you will experience a different shooting FPS assassin 3D fury.The overall feel of the shooting game is unique story war of the city, but they are not the same feeling of playing together with using a simple gun for a kill as well as smooth control.Shooting is a multilevel gameplay.Then you can play fantastic sniper and 3D FPS and TPS shooter in the city environment.City environment looks like the real.In the city you are stranded on the combat war you fight the different enemies that are spread all the city. you fight these.sniper fps profession skills are shooting a campaign of an expandable working for killing the enemy in the city using the smooth control of a gun.In this sniper critical city fps strike game has many levels. In this game, all the levels lock.So you can complete the mission and then other levels will be unlocked.
So get ready to play the extreme TPS shooting legend game of 2018 as a simulation action based sniper target.your job is to find the enemies and target the sniper to kill the enemies.In this amazing fps strike shooter game gun, knife and other advanced weapons. In this game, the bullet has a limit. you can kill the enemy within given bullet other the mission is complete again you can play this mission.Astart to be the last kill the enemy. A typical commando asphalt real fps shooting best fps expert shooter is a game with similarities to a sniper game with the exception of it start modern fps target city shooter the end goal will include a large map that is surrounded by city environment through the different mode in this game.Enjoy this FPS ultimate crazy shooter game target with the fps sniper in the experience the professional skills of the gun sniper.This commando sniper target adventure game 2018 of the shooting game.This action game has the different mission of the sniper and FPS shooter in the city environment.This great FPS and TPS shooting game is very interesting and challenging action adventure 2018. Ready to play this extreme TPS shooting legend to complete all the missions one by one. All the gun are the lock in-app purchases available in this game. You can buy the app purchases then all gun are unlock you can select the gun at the anytime, destroy all the enemies. When you destroy all enemies, you will enter the next mission. Complete all the missions and enjoy this angry FPS shooter challenge game.
Game Feature:
+ Best FPS game
+ Detailed Gameplay Options.
+ Advance And Powerful Weapons.
+ Reasonable Size App.
+ Attractive Real Realistic Environments.
+ Joystick To Move.
+ Different Modes Selection.
+ Background Game Sound.
+ Player Seletion.
+ In App Purchase.


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