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Auto Cut-Out : Photo Cut-Paste
Auto Cut-Out : Photo Cut-Paste

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It is a truth that 20,000+ users downloaded Auto Cut Out latest version on 9Apps for free every week! A lot of functions and features are contained in this app. This hot app was released on 2018-01-20. It is available as a free download on 9Apps.
This is best cut paste App for Photos, with which you can create your wonderful custom photo by cutting the image from one image and pasting it to the other custom image. You can cutting a section or whole object and paste it to the other images.
Background Removal Erase photo background to transparent and add different beautiful backgrounds, edit it with so many options like stickers, text font, text shadow, text color, duplicate your cut out and more. Cut out has more than 60 different HD beautiful backgrounds for you as road, beach, forest, autumn, sunset, ... Addition you can choose your photo from your gallery and set as new background.
Cut out is the best background remover, background changer app / photo background editor with HD quality background bg collections .
Background remover is best photo background remover / eraser, cut paste app with lots of collection of backgrounds which you won’t find in any other background eraser app.
The core part is changing backgrounds. After an image is edited you just tap on a button and the background becomes transparent, ready to accept another image as a background one.
You can apply various effects to the image by adjusting its brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other attributes. You can also erase parts of the image or use brush to color it.
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Change Photo Backgrounds with new background with the Help of Magical Eraser tool for backgrounds. Auto Photo Background Changer is the most advanced Photo Editing tool to remove photo backgrounds and Change Photo Background
Auto Cut-Out : Photo Cut-Paste

Cut Out includes hd quality background images which will make your photo more beautiful and stunning. Want to Swap Faces? Cut one face and Paste it on the other. Want to Remove Photo Background? Cut the people out and put them on another background.
Want to Remove People from Photos? Then Cot out is the best background remover app to cut past.
Feature :-
1. Select photo from gallery or take a picture.
2. Cut the main photo out using the numerous Photo shop like tools.
3. You could also use the reset option or undo/redo your changes while creating a cool photo.
4. Select your own background or choose from the beautiful collection of 8 HD Wallpapers.
5. Pinch Zoom and rotate to re-size and adjust the photo to the background.
6. Add retro effect to the created Image.
7. Adjust Opacity, Contrast and Brightness to the created Image.
8. Choose from Multiple effects to make your photo look realistic.
9. Photo background changer does not require internet connection.
10. Photo background changer Makes you a celebrity.
11. Photo background changer is completely free download.
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Download it today and enhance your photo with our amazing Cut Paste Photo Editor apps...
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Want more information about this app? This top Photography app is just 5.4M. This app costs almost no consumption of energy. 9Apps also provides other hot Photography appsgames for android mobile phone. Simply search 9Apps on Google for more featured apps.


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