Lock Screen And App Lock
Lock Screen And App Lock

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All high quality mobile apps are available for free download. 20,000+ users downloaded Lock App latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It is simply to learn how to use it. This hot app was released on 2017-12-27. However, has been a fashionable app for a long time.
Do you want your phone screen and mobile app to be secured? Then lock screen and app lock is the ultimate application you must be looking for.
The lock screen and app lock, enables, you to keep your phone screen and mobile app data secured from intruders.
This mobile security lock application or phone lock app consists of four options - lock screen, app lock, themes and wall papers.
The Screen lock option of this pattern lock screen app or security lock app, provides us with pin or pattern lock options, to lock your phone screen, by using, a pin or a pattern as a password. Here, on forgetting the password, the password can be recovered, by using a registered email id.
The App lock option of this pattern screen lock app or best lock screen app, enables you to lock your mobile app, by using a pin or a pattern as a password. Here, on forgetting the password, the password can be recovered by a security question.
The themes option of this screen locker app or app protector, allows you to select some exquisite themes, for the screen lock.
The wall paper option of this pin locker app or app lock security app, provides us a number of amazing wallpaper options, for mobile phone screen lock.
Keep your apps secured by using the app lock pattern and app lock number of this app lock best 2017 and app lock for whatsapp, or app lock for games and app lock latest version 2017, which is one of the best lock screen apps and screen lockers latest app, or security lock apps for whatsapp and security apps.
Protect your phone from intruders by using a screen lock number and lock screen password of this security app for whatsapp and screen locker for android mobiles, or screen locker new 2017 and screen locker software, which is one of the best security app for android and lock screen apps for android, or best app locker for android mobile in 2017.
The pin lock and pattern password lock of this app lock latest 2017 and app lock new version 2017, or app lock software and security app lock for android, keeps your phone and the apps secured.
Explore some amazing wallpapers for your screen lock, using this lock screen Android App and security lock for apps, or security lock latest app and security lock mobile app, which is one of the best pattern lock latest apps and pattern lock mobile apps, or pattern lock new 2017.
Apply some breathtaking themes to your screen lock, using this security lock software and lock screen new 2017 app, or lock screen best app and app locker latest version, which is one of the best app locker ever and app locker new 2017 apps, or security pattern apps.
Apply pattern lock for apps to keep it secure, using this security lock and app lock application, or lock screen password app and lock screen theme app. Also, use the app lock with Password option of this app locker best, to protect your apps from being snooped.
To secure your mobile from intruders, get this security lock download and app locker app download, or pattern lock app download and app lock install, for free.
Key features Screen lock and app lock
1. Screen lock option using a pin or a pattern lock.
2. App lock option using a pin or a pattern lock.
3. High security phone lock application and high quality app locker.
4. Protect apps from being snooped.
5. Screen lock with themes.
6. Screen locker with wallpaper.
7. Fast and user friendly.
Screen lock and app lock is one of the best apps for pin or pattern locking, and privacy lock apps or screen lock apps. Download this top pattern lock app and number lock app, or app lock high security app and high quality app lock, for free, and keep your phone secured by exploring options for mobile phone screen lock, app lock and setting up of themes and wall papers. Get this app lock app download and security app download, or app lock download free and security app lock download, on android.
Don't you believe? This top Personalization app is just 7.3M. It costs you almost no cellular data even if you hanging on the line all day long. 9Apps also provides other hot Personalization appsgames for android mobile phone. 9Apps - the best way to explore hot and new android apps.


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