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OLX Group is a world leading online classifieds present in 45 countries across six continents.
We connect local people to buy, sell or exchange goods, services, cars and properties by making it fast,
easy and free for anyone to post a listing through their mobile phone or on the web.
Download for free the official App!
Why you should use OLX? Easy:
• Simple to sell: take a picture, describe your product and sell it!
• Direct contact between the buyer and the seller. Via telephone or chat!
• Manage your products direct on your phone.
• Share what you're selling through Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
• Find thousand of products near to you!
Buy and sell was never that easy! You can sell your products, promote your service or buy almost everything!
What are you waiting for?
Take a look on what you can sell or buy at OLX:
Cell Phone and Eletronics
Find Cell Phone, Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, Ultrabook, Smart TV, Digital Camera, Videogame and more.
For your house
Everything that you need for your home. New and used furniture (sofa, bed, dinner table,
office chair etc.), home appliances (refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning etc.),
beside garden and construction products.
Fashion and beauty
Buy and sell clothes and accessories now is very easy. Beauty prducts, Produtos de beleza, bijou,
make up, watches and a lot of other accessories.
Music e Hobbies
Music instruments new and used: guitar, eletronic guitar, drums, piano and others music equipments
Do you know that book that you were looking for? You can find at OLX!
Vehicles and Boats
Car - Used and new cars, of different brands and models.
Trucks, Vans, Buses, Boats and Used boats, as well as parts and
Real Estate
Real Estate - Buy, Sell, Rent Real Estate.
Apartments, Houses, Penthouses, Kitchenette, Loft / Studio, Land, Sites, Farms, Shops and
Commercial Rooms.
Job and Business
Here you can find job offers, resumés and a lot of diferent services across Brazil.
Find animals to adopt, such as: Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Horses and others. Besides
Clothes, food and accessories for your pet. Adopt a friend. =)
Baby + Kid
In our Baby + Kid category you will find toys, children's clothing, shoes, etc.
Everything that you need to have a fitness life! From bike to
equipment of bodybuilding, uniforms, rackets, surfboard and more!
Sell at OLX and Let it Go!
We're the biggest buy and sell ap of Brazil, where you can buy and sell in a simple way!
With OLX you can Let it Go right now the products that are not beeing used at your place!
Do you want to LET IT GO?
Post your products at OLX!
You can quickly sell what you don't use anymore and also earn money!
Do you want to buy?
We offer search and filters that allow you to find anything that you need, close to you!
Plent categories with a huge amount of products and services available for you to buy!
Also, OLX wants to create a new consume culture: connecting people to buy and sell in a simple and fast way.
With OLX everyone wins!
Buyer and sell have total control over their transactions, deciding together the best way of closing a deal. We help to create a better world.
Creating a community where millions of people connect in a collaborative way.
When multiple buyers and sellers succeed in their dealings, they bring more
Value to the community in which they live. We believe that, contribute to the well-being of people.


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  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 26%
  • Haryana 16%
  • Delhi 14%
  • West Bengal 13%
  • Tamil Nadu 6%
  • Karnataka 5%
  • Uttar Pradesh 5%
  • Andhra Pradesh 3%
  • Rajasthan 2%
  • other 10%

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Mobile phone situation distribution of apps' downloading

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  • Brand
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Website: https://www.olx.in/

Email: androidapp@olx.com

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