Dual whatzapp
Dual whatzapp


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WhatsApp Manager enables users to download and use multiple free WhatsApp.

The first application in Google Play enables users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.
WhatsApp Manager is the first manager for Android smartphone users to download and sign into multiple WhatsApp applications.
Why switch from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Manager?
**Multiple roles on WhatsApp. Different roles in life engaged with different WhatsApp accounts. WhatsApp Manager makes switching from one role to another without signing out.
**Time-saving. It takes much time and flow to download WhatsApp one after one. WhatsApp Manager organizes all WhatsApp applications in order, facilitating access to any WhatsApp with just one tap.
**Free messages with no mobile flow. When you are sitting beside a computer, run WhatsApp on PC with one tap on the phone. Then sending free messages to any people you want online.
**Access WhatsApp without phone number. Send messages to people on WhatsApp without conjunction with your phone number.
**Hide your identity on WhatsApp. Confess to any girl you love without revealing your identity in case of embarrassment.
**Access to all the features of WhatsApp Messenger. Download and run WhatsApp Messenger within WhatsApp Manager. Nothing changed, you will find all over there.
More features of WhatsApp Manager:
1. Small size with only 4MB.
2. Use with Hide Master to hide any private WhatsApp.
3. All-in-one WhatsApp you can never find anywhere.

1. WhatsApp Manager can be regarded as an all-in-one WhatsApp downloader. After you downloaded all WhatsApp applications, you can uninstall WhatsApp Manager and use all WhatsApp applications separately.
2. Download Hide Master with WhatsApp Manager to hide any Whatspp that you don’t want any other to know.


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