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We live in a digital world and we know people start showing less interest in printing rather than online media. Especially the youth! We are here to provide an extraordinary mobile app to bring back the youth and adult interests of this world and not only the news, but all common senses and different faces of the world and life. Read Daily Masala APP determined positive and active lifestyle. And nowadays people would rather use an APP than their brain. So Daily Masala gonna serve you as a brain!
Daily Masala features latest news on the following categories
2.ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Bollywood, Hollywood and regional Indian cinemas, and on popular trending stars, gossips.
3.SPORTS NEWS: Info on sports and latest news on cricket,football
4. Share the hot news and top article with your friends through Facebook and WhatsApp
5.Latest updates on technology and gadgets and latest info on software APPs, websites and games
6.MOTIVATIONAL: motivational news about Indian youth doing motivational stuff.
7.CULTURE:Indianculture,Indianweddings,languages,traditions,relegions travel destinations, tourist spots, historical places, world heritage sites,etc.
8.TRAVEL:Destionations in india information about travel agencies tips and information about arlines public and private travel destinations in India
9.EDUCATION: Information about Indian education system reforms. schools and universities, about career options etc....
10.SUBSCRIBE: We have a special subscribe column where you can subscribe to more specific news and media related columns on humor, entertainment, travel , social media , trending , fashion etc.
Daily Masala targets youth especially Indians and around the globe you can follow our FACEBOOK (@DAILYmasala ) page too .
We emphasize on topics and areas where Indian youth are interested. Our final goal is to reach the whole world with latest updates and information in different languages.


Traffic Source

Areal distribution of app’s downloading on 9Apps

  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 27%
  • Haryana 19%
  • Delhi 12%
  • West Bengal 12%
  • Karnataka 7%
  • Tamil Nadu 5%
  • Uttar Pradesh 5%
  • Andhra Pradesh 3%
  • Rajasthan 2%
  • other 9%

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Mobile phone situation distribution of apps' downloading

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