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Stickers Photo Editor
Stickers Photo Editor

Linkray Studio | Photography

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Sticker Photo Editor the ultimate Stickers app which have hug collection of stickers. Linkray Studio have some new and stylish Collection of Photo editor for all. Edit you picture with ease by adding the cutest and most fashionable stickers from our sticker collection. Awesome photo stickers for phones and this Photo Editor presents our newest picture editor: Stickers Photo Editor with amazing your cool photograph editing skills. Very easy to use this application, very easy to adjust sticker in your photo, you can flip your sticker easy to adjust just pinch your finger. A hug collection of stickers ,boys hair ,girl hair, mustaches, breads, filters, stickers, Desi paghri, Snappic, masks, crowns & sunglasses. Hipster photo editor are so old now we presents you the most stylish and cute photo editor that is sticker photo editor. Our cool “Editing photo app” with stickers will work anytime you want it.
Features :
 Trendy latest mustaches stickers and breads stickers different styles of mustaches and breads
 Best Mustache photo editor you can make your mustaches
 Best Hairs photo editor you can make your hairstyles
 Awesome Bread photo editor you can take bread by using this photo app
 New style of Hats can make this hats photo editor
 Collection of latest hair style make it hairs photo editor
 Latest hair style of men & different style long hair ,shot hair,curley and many more
 Follow latest girl hair style fashionable hair styles and flower crown of different roses
 Latest hats styles old hats ,cow boy style, and many more
 A desi collection of pagri style of Punjab and sikh community
 Latest trend follow googols of different styles awesome styles
 A different styles of masks for party
 A collection of latest snappic stickers
 A cool effect of filters, Collection of 15+ photo filter are also including in this photo app
 A beautiful interface
 Simple and easly ui designs
 Just save and share your social networks, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc
Make your photos more fashionable, more beautiful and more popular! Filter Combinations: have the power to combine different filters in 1 photo to create astonishing effects. Photo Filter uses artificial intelligence and image processing algorithms to instantly transform your picture into the world's top painter works. Photo Filter let you instantly become Van Gogh, Picasso, Dahl, Munch or any one of the world's top painters! If you have artistic pursuit, you should not miss Photo Filter, because it absolutely satisfies your pursuit of art!
Stickers Photo Editor is powerful photo editor with many amazing effects and filters ! There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos! Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly professional, even if you’ve never edited a photo before.
If you are looking for a funny and great face editor application, you can download this "stickers photo editor" for free and enjoy.
How To use
1) Get inside the stickers app.
2) Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture with your camera
3) Available stickers in the gallery
4) Select a sticker and position it in the screen. You can magnify, zoom it and rotate until it gets placed in the right spot
5) Select more stickers and repeat until you are thug enough
6) Simply select a sticker and easily adjust in 1 finger and save.
Regarding any query related to any image or icon or screenshot, Please mail us. We are happy to help you. Give your creative idea to us. We are implementing it. Give your rate and comment.
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