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8 Launcher - Pretty Cool
8 Launcher - Pretty Cool

Cool Launcher for Android| Personalization



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Super 8 Launcher Pro
is a perfect Launcher for Google Android . The
clean UI, fast and smooth operation, customizable theme, lightweight and easy-to-use
features make it a perfect generation iLauncher and your best choice. No hesitate to download this super cute Launcher Now.
☆ Best and Newest Launcher for Android phone and for tablet.
Not only the icons are highly designed for popular flat style and theme, but also the home screen organization and animation effect are stunning. The animation effects include the icon rocking buzz and folder opening effect and etc.
☆ Super fast, lightweight.
Unlike other launchers which are loaded with lots a visual eye-candies and hardly use features, our Launcher 8 Pro provides the essential function and keep it simple. It strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizing.
☆ Our Launcher 8 Free provides the new and awesome HD wallpaper
to decorate your minecraft screen.
☆ Easy to use, smooth operation.
Buttery smooth Screen Transition and sliding Effects.
☆ Simple, Clean UI.
We insist providing Clean, Simple Minimalist, Uncluttered user interface.
☆ Free and no-frills.
100% efficiency enhanced for apps and games searching (Easy and fast access to hot games on your phone)
☆ in-app Games:
Suit Photo Maker& real guitar.
Are you still looking for Launchers for android? Stop and try our Launcher 8 now. It is the new and best Google launcher 8 themes in the market.
If you like our app, please give us 5 stars, we need your feedback and support to encourage us to do better jobs in the feature.
Device compatibility:
Our Launcher apps has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z3. Please contact us if your device is not supported.


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  • Delhi 20%
  • Tamil Nadu 12%
  • Karnataka 11%
  • Andhra Pradesh 8%
  • Uttar Pradesh 8%
  • West Bengal 7%
  • other 10%

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