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Give a new look to your Smart phone. access all your apps by just a single click, make shortcut of your interesting apps.
access your apps facebook, gmail, youtube, twitter, newsstand, skype etc.
Features of this app
(1) 32 Different color themes
(2) Every tile customization
(3) Left Swipe access all apps
(4) Smooth interface
(5) Use low battery
How to Use ?
(1) How to change background color or application of a particular tile?
Long press any of the tile of which you want to change color or application. then a screen will appear for you.
(a) If you want to change tile background color then click on set tile background color, then all the color theme will appear. click your favorite color your tile background color will be changed.
(b) If you want to change tile application then click on 'change application', then all application list will appear. click your favorite application your tile application will be changed.
(c) you can swipe left or click on down arrow button to show all application list.
Note:- When first time click on any tile that might be possible it will ask for change application then please click on change application, select your favorite app that you want to open.


Traffic Source

Areal distribution of app’s downloading on 9Apps

  • Province Percent
  • West Bengal 44%
  • Delhi 37%
  • Tamil Nadu 23%
  • Uttar Pradesh 15%
  • Karnataka 11%
  • Andhra Pradesh 7%
  • Haryana 6%
  • Gujarat 4%
  • Madhya Pradesh 4%
  • other -52%

Mobile Distribution

Mobile phone situation distribution of apps' downloading

  • System
  • Brand
  • Screen
  • Price


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