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Elite Commando War is a free gunner and third person commando shooting game for android tab and mobile phones. Terrorists have no place in the world, they are hiding for their survival. Identify the location, eliminate all the terrorists and punish them. They have safe places like mountains,jungles and desert.They are using jungles as hideouts. Get rid off these bloody terrorists and wipe out terrorism.
Enemies are equipped with the modern technology weapons system, capable of detecting and destroying any intruders enters in the red zone. Moreover, they have tanks, choppers and high-tech weapons. Sneak in to the stronghold and rain fire them with the bullets. Strategically fire your powerful guns
You are the one of special force commando and must use your specialised skills to survive in an offensive attack of terrorists. You can move the sniper anywhere and tap to shoot the enemies and gunship helicopters with variety of weapons and limited time. With limited ammo its a daring mission which only bravest commando elite dare to accept. Show yourself like an iron man. Wish you all the good luck and waiting for good news.
Aim to the direction, adjusting the aim so the bullet trajectory curves just about enough to blow the enemy brains out. Be accurate and kill the enemies.
- Complete battlefield and realistic 3d environments.
- Multiple targets and scenarios!
- Breathtaking music and sound effects
- Great graphics and environment with cool animations.
- Earn cash, coins and upgrade your guns
- Face challenges and improve your shooting skills
- Realistic weather conditions and new challenges in missions
- Daily login bonus
- Daily task and achievements
- Intense battle scene and challenging missions
- LeaderBoards and Achievements for multiplayers
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  • Haryana 33%
  • Maharashtra 33%
  • West Bengal 15%
  • Delhi 13%
  • Uttar Pradesh 6%

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