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EarlySalary is India's first salary advance mobile app! With EarlySalary, get instant cash in minutes to travel, shop, throw a party or for any uncalled expense. EarlySalary offers salary advance to young salaried individuals of up to Rs.1 Lakh starting at just Rs.9 per day. Relatively much cheaper than a credit card.

EarlySalary makes use of the proprietary algorithm and formulates a SocialWorth score SW score basis of robust social media underwriting systems to avail instant cash swiftly and provide the best experience to the users who need a salary advance/instant cash. We go beyond traditional credit ratings, in fact, having a credit history isn't necessary to avail a salary advance, we’re here for all the first time loan takers as well.

Today with-in just a year and a half, EarlySalary has already disbursed 75000+ salary advances to young working professionals and is changing the way young India accesses the credit. It just takes 30 minutes for approval and cash is transferred the same day. For repeat users, the money is transferred the very next minute. Once your EarlySalary application is approved you are free to spend the money, the way you like, no questions asked!


Traffic Source

Areal distribution of app’s downloading on 9Apps

  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 47%
  • Delhi 15%
  • West Bengal 13%
  • Haryana 7%
  • Karnataka 6%
  • Tamil Nadu 5%
  • Andhra Pradesh 4%
  • Uttar Pradesh 4%

Mobile Distribution

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  • System
  • Brand
  • Screen
  • Price


Website: http://www.earlysalary.com

Email: help@earlysalary.com

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