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Tired of the boring Gallery 3 app look? Do you like everything transparent in your builtin Gallery 3D app? Well, this app has a look that will never get boring to look at. Instead of the transparent look, you will see white, tan, light and dark blue. Mainly everything has changed, look wise.IF YOU RUNNING 2 0 YOU MIGHT EXPERIENCE SOME PROBLEMS. THIS IS A 2.3.3 VERSIONOnce you install this app please let it collect all your pictures in your SD Card. If you have tons of photos, then it will take some time to get it all organized. So please wait patently.Don39;t want some pictures to be seen I recommend using Audio ManagerThis app has been built on a 2.3.3 platform and has been tested on a 2.3.4 MyTouch 4G device. PLEASE RATE THIS APPIf you have any problems with the app because of your device, please contact me at: Josh.seay1993@gmail.com.


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Areal distribution of app’s downloading on 9Apps

  • Province Percent
  • Delhi 67%
  • West Bengal 45%
  • Tamil Nadu 26%
  • Karnataka 20%
  • Haryana 17%
  • Uttar Pradesh 15%
  • Andhra Pradesh 13%
  • Rajasthan 11%
  • Gujarat 8%
  • other -122%

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