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✿Face Edit is one of the fastest and multifaceted photo editing apps that lets you add style and art to
your photos.This unique app has the elements of fashion that lets you make your photos look fabulous
and trendy easily. And you can have fun immense creating funny images instantly on your phone.
✿Give a stunning look to your photos with Brunette or Blonde hair styles. Get that gorgeous look by
adding Chocolate, Burgandy, Golden Brown hair colors to your photos.
✿Look like a fashion diva in vogue sunglasses and wonderful face masks that add design and
mystery to your face enhancing the elegance of your expressions.
✿You can change your appearance with fashionable hats, cool tatto designs, hot hair styles, stylish
sun glasses, flower crowns and distinctive masks to get the look of models and celebrities.
✿Give yourself the look of a princess with beautiful flower crowns. Look smoking hot in the coolest
collection of hats like fedora, bucket, and floppy etc.
✿Celebrate fashion and the extravagant art. Steal the look with some of the awesome tattoo designs
which you can add anywhere to your photos with the easy to use face edit app.
✿This fun photo edit app offers you with an aesthetic collection of indian turbans which are also
known as pagris. These stylish and colorful turbans are a part of the regal heritage of rajasthanis and
are commonly seen in indian weddings.
✿Thats not all! If you are up for a bit of fun then check out the cool collection of face edit with manly
beards and awesome moustaches to look like a show stopper.
✿All you need to do is select from the stunning hair styles or tattoos or cool goggles of the face edit
app and simply add those to your photos.
✿You can easily resize, rotate your photos and also Zoom in, Zoom out, rotate, undo, resize any
styles with simple touch gestures.
✿Face Edit app is fun and easy to use. And supports all screen resolutions of mobile phones and
tablets. Try all the cool combinations.
How to use:
Select photo from gallery or a click a new one
Add your favorite clip art and tap save
You can undo the changes
Share those photos with friends, family and dear ones.


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Areal distribution of app’s downloading on 9Apps

  • Province Percent
  • Haryana 31%
  • Maharashtra 24%
  • Delhi 11%
  • West Bengal 10%
  • Uttar Pradesh 5%
  • Karnataka 4%
  • Tamil Nadu 4%
  • Andhra Pradesh 2%
  • Gujarat 2%
  • other 7%

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Website: http://appbasic.com

Email: support@appbasic.com

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