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Privacy Knight,free privacy app locker designed by Alibaba Group.
● Secret Door: Disguise your Privacy Knight to a Secret Dialer.
● Face Lock: the fastest and safest biometrics lock, is here to guard your privacy.
● More fun with Unlock, Face Lock, Fingerprint lock, PIN, Pattern, Disguise Cover are well supported.

- Lock messaging apps, social apps from prying eyes. Lock WhatsApp, Hike, imo, Tinder, Contacts, Call log.
- Lock game, shopping and banking apps from naught kids, like Flipkart, Amazon, HSBC.
- Hide your private photos/video into Privacy Vault, no embarrassing moment any more.
- Clean your browser history with privacy Clean, no loss of privacy with browser records.
- Curious about who are the intruders? Selfie Intruder helps you find out intruders.
- Tired of Unlock? Face Lock, advanced real-time face recognition tech free your hands.
- Disguise Privacy Knight into a Secret dialer, nobody would access your privacy app ever.
- 14 languages are supported. Privacy Knight offers you international care.

Privacy Knight is the #1 Privacy Security App, providing APP LOCK, VAULT, CLEAN, DISGUISE COVER, INTRUDER SELFIE, SECRET DOOR,THEMES, for your all-round privacy protection.

Highlighted Features of Privacy Knight
► AppLock
Lock sensitive apps. Anyone who tries to access locked apps should unlock first.
► Privacy Vault
Hide your Sexy Photos, private pictures & sensitive Videos in the Vault. Keep your Gallery Safe.
► Privacy Clean
Clean your Adult, Social, Financial and Shopping Browsing History.
► Face Lock (Biometrics Lock)
Unlock in one second with your selfie, as long as your phone has front camera. Your PIN/pattern will never be peeped. Face Lock works offline.
► Fingerprint Lock (Biometrics Lock)
Improved Fingerprint lock well supports Smartphones with Fingerprint Sensor Above Android 6.0 and Samsung Smartphones with fingerprint scanner.
► Intruder Selfie
Where to find intruders? intruder Selfie will catch Intruders Who Try to Unlock Your Apps 24/7.
► Secret Door
Disguise Privacy Knight to a Dialer, Dial Correct Number to Unlock.
► Disguise Cover
Password is not the only way to unlock. Disguise Cover ensure your security while bring more fun.
► Notification Lock
Hide preview text from notification, no sensitive notification will be peeped.
► Prevent Uninstallation
Prevent Privacy Knight to be uninstalled by Snoopers.
► Protection Log
Allow you have clear idea about when Privacy Knight protected your privacy from intruders.
► Free Themes
Plenty of free Themes for lock screen to Choose From.
► Invisible Unlock Path
Hide Path While Drawing Unlock Pattern.
► Incoming Call Lock
Private calls stay private. You are the only one who knows how to answer.

Language Support
14 languages are supported by Privacy Knight, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese,Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese,Italian, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian.

☞ Forget Password — click on the forget passcode button on the right corner of the applock screen and reset your passcode by Gmail validation or security question(if set)
☞ Clear Privacy Knight Data — enter correct passcode(if set) before clearing your Privacy Knight data, protecting your privacy security from others through clearing data
☞ Prevent Uninstallation — by switching on prevent uninstallation in your settings, protecting your privacy security from others through uninstalling
☞ Where can I find my hidden photos/videos — If you have Privacy Knight installed, you can find them in the vault. If you have Privacy Knight uninstalled, please reinstall our app, unhide all the photos/videos, then you’ll find them in your gallery.

Stay connected with Privacy Knight
► Official Website: http://privacyknight.alibaba.com/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrivacyKnightAppLock/
► Google Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/103969299260167609350


Traffic Source

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  • Province Percent
  • Maharashtra 25%
  • Haryana 21%
  • Delhi 13%
  • West Bengal 12%
  • Karnataka 5%
  • Tamil Nadu 5%
  • Uttar Pradesh 4%
  • Andhra Pradesh 3%
  • Rajasthan 2%
  • other 10%

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  • Brand
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