What is 9Apps Trends?

9Apps Trends is a public web facility of 9Apps, based on 9Apps Store's download data, that shows how often a particular app is downloaded relative to the total download- volume across various regions of the world, particularly in India. We offer the best-in-class data analytics products & services and the most insightful mobile industry analysis to accelerate your success with the value of data.

What is 9Apps?

9Apps - A leading Android app distributing platform with a huge audience base as well as an abundant and varied app repository around the world.We welcome all potential business partners to cooperate strategically on payment, advertising, user acquisition,statistics tracking and offline cooperation.


User Acquisition

High conversion from impression to install

High loyalty organic mobile users

Competitive user acquisition cost


Combined monetization methods (IAP/Ad)

Localized optimization for your App/Game

Localized optimization for your App/Game

Branding Promotion

Provide Branding promotion for S-ranked apps

Help built better branding image

Off-side event targeting trendy topics



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